Thursday, November 21, 2013

Nonfiction Using Storycorps: Interview with a Parent

Q&A from StoryCorps on Vimeo.


Joshua Littman, a 12-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome, interviews his mother, Sarah. Joshua’s unique questions and Sarah’s loving, unguarded answers reveal a beautiful relationship that reminds us of the best—and the most challenging—parts of being a parent.


1.  What does Joshua ask his mother to rate on a scale of one to ten?

2.  How does his mother answer?

3.  What animals does his mother say she can live without?

4.  What does Joshua say about cockroaches?

5.  Joshua asks his mother if she has ever felt her life is hopeless, how does she         respond?

6.  Joshua asks his mother if she has any mortal enemies, how does she respond?

7.  How does Joshua's mother respond to the question about lying to her son?

8.  What is colic?  What does it have to do with Joshua and his mom?

9.  Who is Amy?

10. What does Joshua think about Amy?

11. What does Joshua suffer from?

12. How are Joshua and Amy different?

13, How does Joshua describe his friendships?

14. What does Joshua's mother say in response to his question about whether or not he is the son she hoped for, i.e. did he meet her expectations as a son?

15. Write a one sentence summary of "Interview with a Parent".

16. What question(s) would you ask your parents if you could interview them?

17. If this piece were in written form, what genre would we categorize it? What sub-genre?

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