Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thousands Welcome Giant Duck

Read the article Thousands Welcome Giant Duck
  1. Why did Florentijn Hofman create this duck?
    Because he's an artist, and artists do crazy things.
    Because he likes ducks
    Because he wants more people to buy ducks
    Because he wants to help make people happy
  2. Define “iconic”
    Iconic: from another country
    Iconic: large
    Iconic: symbol
    Iconic: dramatic
  3. How will the duck generate revenue?
    People must pay to see the duck.
    Someone will pay millions to buy the duck.
    People will spend money on other things, like food and hotels, when they come to see the duck.
    More people will build more ducks and pay people to build the ducks.

Don't forget to answer the Critical Thinking Question at the end of the article! 

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