Friday, March 15, 2013

Writing Prompt: Poetry inspired by "Blue Bird" by Charles Bukowski

Credited for this Lesson: Film English

Step One: View the Film discuss what you think the film is trying to say.

Step Two: Listen to the poet, Charles Bukowski reading "Blue Bird" without viewing the images
Step Three: Discuss in groups what they think the poem is trying to say
Step Four: Watch the reading of the poem with the images
Step Five:  Write what type of person you think the poet is and what type of life he has led.

Step Five: Write your interpretation of the poem based on the class discussions.
Step Six:  Using the two films as your inspiration, write a poem.

What is the poem about?  Highlight below to see...
The poem is about our compulsion to hide and stifle our most tender and vulnerable selves underneath tough, controlled exteriors.

Happy Writing!
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