Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day Poetry

View the video and follow the directions to create you Pi Poem.  Use as much of Pi or as little as you like.  Have fun!


Weeping in the Deep

Mighty ship
Hidden in dark
Weeping in the deep
Hopes and dreams dead with those asunder
Forever in shadows
Its former self
Gone with waves
A Tale of heaven
Turned into a story of forboding hell

By T.W.

The Sinking

Cold outside and
Turning to its side
Sinking into the freezing water
She's gone
Some people in lifeboats
Some people have drowned
Bright lights shine
On the ocean blue
Carpathia come to the rescue

By T.T.

Have you written a Piaku or Pi Poem?  If you have, share one of your with us!

Happy Writing!
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