Thursday, January 3, 2013

Writing Prompt: Validation Lesson

Note:  The Writing Whisperer is used as part of the classroom instruction for CWhite's Adavance/Gifted English Students 

Writing Prompt Lesson courtesy of Film English

If using this in the classroom follow the steps below.  

Note:  If you are completing the writing prompt portion and NOT the lesson skip down to Step 7

Step 1
In groups of two, please take the next 3 minutes to write as many positive adjectives to describe a person as you can.  After 3 minutes are up, we will share feedback from the whole class.

Step 2
Class Question:  Do you know different ways of paying compliments?  Examples of compliments will be shared

Step 3
Call on a student(s) to pay a compliment to a student in the class using one of the following methods:

to be + adjective.
For example, “Maria, you’re so thoughtful”

Have got + adjective + noun.
For example, “Xavi, you’ve got a great sense of humour.”

Verbs eg. suit, match, flatter
For example, “Anna, that dress really suits   you.”

Step 4
Combine pairs so that you have groups of 4 students and give them the worksheet:  paying compliments worksheet.  Students are expected to write down compliments about the other students in their group using the 3 different constructions. When each group member is finished writing compliments they should read them out loud to the other members of the group.

Step 5
Tell Students the following:  Now, you are going to watch a short film in which you will hear a lot of compliments. Use a second copy of the compliments worksheet:  paying compliments worksheet to put the compliments you hear into the correct category on the worksheet.

Step 6
Watch the Video

Validation from grzegor on Vimeo.

Step 7
Respond to the following questions:
  1. Did you enjoy the film?
  2. How did the film make you feel?
  3. Does saying nice things to people make a difference?
  4. Does the film have a message/Theme?
Final Writing Piece:  Write a story describing what you saw and heard in the film using as many adjectives as possible to describe the story, people and situations

Again, Writing Prompt Lesson courtesy of Film English.

Happy Writing!
The Writing Whisperer
Believe In Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love, and the Power of the Written Word!

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