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Writing Prompt: Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho

Note: The Writing Whisperer is used as part of the classroom instruction for Mrs. White's Adavance/Gifted English Students

Modified Writing Prompt Lesson courtesy of Film English

"Hitchcock’s Psycho is a masterpiece, one of the best trailers I’ve ever seen. In the trailer, which is a masterpiece, Hitchcock takes us on a tour of the film set of Psycho. Students practise speaking about films, listening, film vocabulary and word order." Film English
Step 1

2 minute Brainstorm: List as many film genres as possible.

Answer the following questions:

Which film genres do you like most?
Are there any genres you can’t stand?
What’s your favourite film of all-time?

Step 2

2 minute Brainstorm: List famous film directors.

Note: Include the director of Psycho, Vertigo and Birds on
your list.

Step 3

What do you know about Hitchcock’s films and life? If you
don't know anything use the mosaic below:

Using the mosaic: Try and deduce as many facts about
Hitchcock's films as you can.

Step 5

Psycho: what do you know about the film.

Step 6

Watch a trailer of the film Psycho. Then,see if you
can unjumblethese 8 sentences.

Step 7

Here are the correct sentences:

1. The motel is in a quiet location and looks peaceful.

2. The woman was first seen in a window on the second floor.

3. The second murder took place at the bottom of the stairs.

4. The woman’s room is still beautifully preserved.

5. None of the woman’s clothes are in the wardrobe.

6. The son’s favourite room was his bedroom. False

7. Hitchcock goes to cabin number one. True

8. An important clue was found in the wash-basin. False

Step 8

Now watch the trailer again, and see if the sentences 
are true or false.

Step 9

Ask students to discuss the questions about the trailer.

Psycho Trailer Discussion Questions

Now, go read "Lamb to Slaughter" by Rold Dalh, which Hitchcock
used as an episode on Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Modified Writing Prompt Lesson courtesy of Film English

Happy Writing!
The Writing Whisperer
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