Thursday, November 1, 2012

Writing Prompt: What's Their Story

Writing Prompt:  Find a picture of an interesting person or notice someone, while you are out-and-about shopping, and take a "mental picture" of them, or if these two options don't work for you, use our image for this post.

Now, here is the prompt.  Think back to when you played "I SPY" as a child.  Using this premise, create a character based on your person.  Answer the question: What is their story?  Create as much detail for your character as you can as you embellish on their "LIFE STORY"!

Having trouble getting started?  Take a gander at these questions, in order, to get your creative writing juices flowing!

What is their full name?
What is their occupation?
What is their age?
What is their height?
What is their weight?
What is their body type?
What is the shape of their face?
What is their complexion?
What is the shape, size, and color of their eyes?
What is the length and color of their hair?
What is their style of dress?
What is their voice like?  
What is their style of speaking?
What is their demeanor?
What is their best quality?
What is their worst quality or weakness?
What is their talent?
What is their hobby?
What is their family life like?

Having trouble?  Watch the video:

More explanation: Click HERE

Now, that you have created your character, let your character jump into a story of your own creation!

Start Scribbling!

Happy Writing!
The Writing Whisperer
Believe In Truth, Beauty, Freedom, Love, and the Power of the Written Word!

Note: The Writing Whisperer has to offer a big Thank You to Always A Lesson for the genesis of this writing prompt. 

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