Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Writing Prompt: Letter to a Veteran...Happy Veterans Day

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Writing Prompt:  Write a letter to a Veteran
  • Start by introducing yourself
  • Then tell something about yourself
  • Tell him/her how proud you are to be writing to a soldier 
  • Ask questions
  • Tell them about your school assignment
  • Tell them what is going on in your home town
  • Just plain old talk is all they want from us here...just what is going on and all...nothing fancy...something personal
A sample letter—
Dear Veteran,
     Thank you for serving our country. I am a student at JEJ Moore Middle School.  Our school is sponsoringa number of activities in honor of Veterans Day.  One activity is writing to the veterans who have been hospitalized.  We want you to be well, and we do thank you for your sacrifice. Our country is free because of people like you, so we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please think of all the good things about America when you do your work, it is a fine country full of good and decent people, it has wonderful ideals, and we thank you for upholding the best of America. We send our best wishes to you and to your family. And again, thank you very much.
                                                                 Student Signature
Now Start Scribling! 

P.S.  Consider giving your letter to a verteran.  If you are completing this prompt for Mrs. White's English class, your letters will be given to Veterans of past war/conflicts who are at McQuire Veterans Hospital to ensure that all former soldiers who are hospitalized will recieve some form of appreciation on Veterans Day.  All final drafts are due to Mrs. White by October 26, 2012.  

Happy Writing!
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